Risk 1 Uppsala English

En bild på riskettan Uppsala i Licens Trafikskola Uppsala även kallad Risk 1 Uppsala och Riskutbildning del 1 Uppsala

Risk 1 English

Klarna betalning

At licens trafikskola Uppsala we offer risk 1 in English. The risk 1 Uppsala course is an obligatory course for every student who wants to get the B- swedish license. The Risk 1 English Uppsala course is around 3 hours long. Druing the course the teacher will talk with you about some risks that you may experiance when you are driving. He will also talk about how you can prevent these risks. This course will be translated in English ex. material and slides, the teacher will talk in Swedish but you are allowed to ask him questions in English.

Some examples of the risks he will discuss with you throughout the Risk 1 English Uppsala course will be the risks of not sleeping enough and being fatigued, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, driving when you are using your phone and driving alone at night.
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