Swedish road signs

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In the Swedish road signs book, there is a lot of description about the theory, especially about signs and rankings in traffic. You also learn the different signs from the police and how to behave. In the book there is a picture, name and description for each sign, sign, etc.

We at Licens Trafikskola Uppsala strongly recommend this book to anyone who is going to take a theory test and driver’s license for any qualification.

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Swedish road signs

The book Swedish road signs is a theory book for learning road signs, road markings and other rankings. The book works for different driving license authorization

The advanteges with the book Swedish road signs.

In the book, you can learn about the different road signs, what they are called and what they mean, and on some there is an extra description. It also says about the different ranks, police, main rule and more. You also learn the different signs from, for example, police officers. In the book there is always a picture, name and description. In the book there are signs of guards, police and road transport conductors are well described, as well as traffic signals, railway crossings and median crossings. In the booklet there is how to comply with the different speed limits on different roads.

We at Licens Trafikskola recommend this book very strongly

Swedish road signs book

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