Driving Handbook

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The driving handbook is a very useful book that helps students who practice driving privately and with traffic schools. The book can help you save money as it helps you prepare for your upcoming driving lessons as you can study at the moment you are at, and then you avoid having to waste both money and time at the same moment.

We at Licens Trafikskola recommend this book very strongly.

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Driving handbook for B-driving license

The driving handbook for B driving license is for those of you who are going to get a driving license for the authorization B. In the book there are various driving exercises and tasks that you can use to prepare for upcoming driving lessons.

The advantages of the driving handbook for B-driving licence

The book is not only for students who practice driving with traffic schools. Without this, it also works well with private practice driving. In the book there are 15 different stages, the stages can help you during your practice run. This book can also help you save time and money, as you can prepare for the upcoming driving lessons and do not have to waste time and money on one and the same point, therefore this book can help you a lot.

We at Licens Trafikskola recommend this book very strongly

Driving handbook

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