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Introduction course English Uppsala

The introduction course is a course that makes in legal for the student and instructur to drive with each other. You have to attend this course to be able to drive with you’r driving instructur. This course is obligatory for both the instructer and the student. The introduction course is around 3 hours long. The requirement for the student is that the student has to be atleast 16 years old. The instructur has to be atleast 24 years old and have had a driving license for atleast 5 years in the last 10 years. We at Licens Trafikskola Uppsala offer the introduction course translated in English. The powerpoint is translated into English. When the course is done we send you’r name to the transportstyrelse.

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Driving school Uppsala

Licens Traffic school is located in the center of Uppsala. We offer courses for both car and moped. We also offer theory for moped, car, car with trailor and motorcyle. We also offer diffrent books for multiple vehicles and taxi. You can find those in the webshop.